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What do you think is the meaning of marriage?

By :XUZHENLIU 0 comments
What do you think is the meaning of marriage?

What do you think is the meaning of marriage?

Due to work reasons, I have received many brides and helped them choose wedding dresses, try on wedding dresses, and custom-made wedding dresses. I have also met many different couples. I really want to know what made them decide to enter marriage. So I simply asked some couples and they gave me different answers.
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"There is a more stable guarantee in the economy. For ordinary people, this is the most practical help. Under the circumstances full of risks and accidents, find an object that can help you share the risk and share the risk."
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"I want to find someone who knows how warm and cold I am, and understands my joys and sorrows. Someone can hold me to sleep. I can cook for him, I look forward to marriage, I want a child."
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"Marriage is to fulfill the laws of nature. Marriage can make lonely one more dependent on oneself, one more partner in the future journey, and more troubles in life can be told to one person. Marriage can also make us more one. A sense of responsibility. If a person is alone and the future is too long, I think it is difficult to have a snuggle. So, I think that getting married can give a person a better growth, and they can treat things more objectively, so that you can understand that getting married can also make you discover a lot of different things."
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"When encountering everything you may not expect but will encounter, you will suddenly find that you can't stand it anymore. These moments are really small, and when they appear, they will be very shocking. Listening and companionship become very important."
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"I think that people who just got married can't know the meaning of marriage, at least I didn't know it at the time, but through marriage I gradually learned the meaning of marriage and my life."
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"The meaning of marriage is a life experience, some will resent, some love parting, some have children, some quarrel, some love, some collapse, anyway, everyone's marriage is different."
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"I deeply feel that a person cannot face all of his life and cannot give himself an explanation. For this reason, I need a unique partner for life. I also hope that for others, I also exist."
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 It seems that it has been a long, long time since I heard a person say that he wants to get married because he loves a person very much, because he wants to be with another person forever. "Under the bright universe of "free love and autonomy in marriage", we all hope that all marriages are based on love, because we love and want to be together forever, so we get married. Whenever we talk about "who is with whom" When I was married", there was always a fairy-tale ending feeling: the prince and the princess have lived a happy life since then. However, life calmly tells us that some "love and love very much," The people who wanted to be together forever were scattered again in the end.
However, these are not important, we need to constantly experience all that life brings us. No matter when, I hope we can all have the ability to love and accept love.
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