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Tears of the princess

By :XUZHENLIU 0 comments
Tears of the princess
Tears of the princess
There is a king who manages his country very well. The people live and work in peace, happiness and health. The king has two beautiful and lovely little princesses. They have magical powers from birth. When they cry, their tears will turn into crystal clear diamonds. Priceless.
One day, the king found that he was old and the princesses wanted to get married, so the king called on the world: "I will gather all the good men for them, and let them choose their favorite husbands."
A month later, the king's castle was packed with princes, knights and rich men from all over the world. All are handsome and majestic.
At noon, the king took the princesses into the palace. In order to show her welcome to the guests from afar, the eldest princess sang a heavenly song for them on the spot, while the little princess smiled and hid behind the king and refused to come out again. The king explained that don't mind, the little princess hadn't spoken since she was born, and she was afraid of strangers. Finally, the princess chose a prince, and the handsome prince promised her that he would conquer the world for her and engraved her name on every castle.
The little princess looked at the crowd calmly and shook her head.
Just as the king was about to announce the result, a young shepherd walked out of the crowd. He walked straight to the little princess and said a word in her ear. The little princess smiled brightly, and she did not hesitate to hold it. Caught the shepherd's hand.
The husband of the eldest princess recruited soldiers with diamonds turned into tears. He fought everywhere and won every battle. Every castle he conquered was really engraved with the name of the princess. The name of the princess became a household name. She felt very happy.
Since the little princess left the king's castle with the shepherd that day, she has started traveling around the world. Later they found a beautiful paradise and settled down. They have always been poor, but they lead a very happy life. The little princess began to speak gradually. She talked to the shepherd alone, and the shepherd often sat by the lake and listened to her stories quietly. Until the little princess fell asleep, she took her back to the room.
One day the king sent someone to recall the two princesses and their husbands. He was surprised to find that the little princesses were dressed clean and tidy, but they were wearing patched clothes. He wanted to know why they were so poor. You know, one tear of the little princess is enough to buy a clothing store, the shepherd said, because I never made her cry.
The king asked the little princess, what did the shepherd say to you? The little princess said: "He said in my ear, even if your tears can turn into the most expensive diamond, I would rather be poor for a lifetime than let you cry."

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