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I am a feminist!

By :XUZHENLIU 0 comments
I am a feminist!

I am a feminist!

Have you heard of feminists?
Do you know what feminists stand for?
Feminism refers to the social theory and political movement created and initiated to end sexism, sexual exploitation, sexual discrimination, and sexual oppression, and promote the equality of the sexual class. In addition to criticizing social relations, it also focuses on the analysis of gender inequality And to promote the rights, interests and issues of the underlying sex.
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The purpose of feminist theory is to understand the nature of inequality and focus on sexual politics, power relations and sexual awareness. Feminist political actions challenge issues such as reproductive rights, abortion rights, education rights, domestic violence, maternity leave, wage equality, voting rights, representation rights, sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and sexual violence. The themes of feminist inquiry include discrimination, stereotypes, objectification, body, oppression and patriarchy.
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The theory of feminism is full of clues, and in the final analysis is one sentence: to achieve equality between men and women in all mankind. Looking at the feminist theories, some are as fierce as fire, some are as calm as water, some advocate decisive resistance, and some agree to retreat and compromise. However, all feminist theories have a basic premise, that is: women are the same in the world. The level of unequal treatment, oppression, and discrimination.
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In fact, the feminist movement is essentially an equal rights movement, a movement that pursues equality between men and women, eliminates women or gender discrimination, and is strictly a progressive thinking. After all, equality between men and women is social progress.
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All of our women should be feminists. Feminism is not about fighting for women's privileges. The feminism we want is equal rights in the true sense. We are just speaking out for ourselves.
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When we were young, someone would tell us what you should be like so that someone likes you, or tell us that girls should be gentle and quiet, and tell us that when we grow up, we need to get married and have children. We have been since childhood. Accept this kind of stereotyped education, but the facts shouldn't be like this.
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But this is a brand new era, each of us is a complete and independent individual, we just need to be ourselves! We need to be economically independent, ideologically independent, and personally independent. We have the right to choose, and we need to be treated equally.
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I hope all women, no matter what their state or age, can be brave to be themselves, dare to resist the inequality encountered in life, always be confident, and always live for themselves!
I am a feminist!

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