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After blindness

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After blindness

This is a love story in marriage. I hope everyone has the ability to love and accept love.

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Walking out of the doctor's office, my fiancé Keane hugged me tightly and said: "Your eyes will definitely be fine, we are still preparing for the wedding!" He wiped the tears from my cheeks with his fingers. I feel his care for me, but what the doctor said just now is still tumbling in my mind. With the help of a bright light, the doctor observed my dilated pupils and told me: "Your retina has been damaged, it is irreversible!" My palms were sweaty, and my heart thumped. "You must be mentally prepared," said the doctor, "maybe you will be blind at some point."

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I leaned on Keane, and with his strong backing, I felt much better. Anyway, I can still see now that I am in love and the wedding I am looking forward to is coming soon. A few months later, the wedding arrived as scheduled. I am full of hope for the future.

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But nine years later, the ophthalmologist’s prediction became an unfortunate reality, and my eyesight became worse and worse. I sat next to Keane and said to him, "I have to tell you something." He turned off the TV, turned and asked me, "What's the matter?" "I'm afraid I can't drive, my eyes are true." Keane was right. This is not surprising, because I have been stumbled recently, and even stepped on empty when I went downstairs. He and I have a certain premonition, but it is really difficult to admit this fact.

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After a while, I looked at everything as if I were looking out of a keyhole. Then, the most worrying thing finally happened! When I woke up that day, I found that I couldn't see anything, and finally I was completely blind.

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It takes twice as long to do the housework that I was familiar with before, but Keane is always very patient. When washing clothes, Keane helps me distinguish clothes of different colors. "My dear, you can add some bleach to these white clothes." He reminded me without losing the opportunity to pass the small bottle of bleach into my hand. I couldn't cook according to the recipe, but according to my own feelings and tastes, but Keane and his sons said that the dishes I cooked were delicious.

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More than ten years have passed. Over the years, our family has had the grief of losing loved ones, and has suffered from financial difficulties. Every difficult page in life is recorded in our hearts, but we are facing all the misfortunes and misfortunes hand in hand. difficult. In the mirror of marriage, I saw Keane's golden heart. Every time before going to work, he always hugs me and kisses me goodbye. When I ate out, whenever I said "it seems a bit cold in this restaurant", I soon felt an extra sweater on my body, which Keane ran back to the car just now to get me. After eating, Keane always handed me a tissue for the first time to wipe my mouth. I can feel his love for me in countless details. What he said most was: "My dear, you have a good rest at home, I will do this." Or: "I will read something for you, how about it?"

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Once, after he had read me a book for a long time, he suddenly stopped. In silence, I asked him: "What are you thinking? Tell me the truth, do you really want your wife not to be blind at this time, so you Don't have to pay so much?" After a while of silence, I heard him say to me word by word: "At this moment, I am thinking that if the blind person is me, you must treat me better than I am to you now. "Lying next to my husband that night, resting his strong arms, listening to his rhythmic breathing, I had mixed feelings, and I shed moving tears in the silent night. I love this man next to me deeply, he used all his love and understanding to make me live as happy as a queen.

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